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Why artificial intelligence is so great for creative processes

WHAT is it for?

Creative processes rely on developing series of (semantic) associations.

In the past, brainstormings required high efforts, such as the physical presence of teams, the manual collection of associations per round by brainstorming sessions, the collection on flip charts and the like. Now, MachineStorming enables you to drastically speed up this process via an artificial intelligence based association query in gigantic data galaxies.

WHO is it for?

Machine Storming is the world‘s first platform developed to support creative ideation processes with the power of artificial intelligence, targeted at:


The tool is FREE – logged in users can also download word clouds plus collect associations on a vitual pinboard that you equally download as pdf, all for FREE.

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The Science Behind

Semantic vector technology - Introduction

Machine Storming is using artificial intelligence technology which is analysing gigantic data sets from available internet texts and sources. As the outcomes vary based on the structure of the database, we have included 3 different datasets (data galaxy 1-3) to make the user experience as rich and playful as possible.

If you insert a notion, the tool will analyse the chosen data galaxy and its billions of information pieces which are being represented in a highdimensional vector space, measuring the semantic distance or proximity of each word to each other word. The semantic value of distance or closeness thus creates a mathematical measure of word likeness and proximity, generating semantic networks of associations.

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Machine Storming App Illustration
Machine Storming App Mobile Demo Screen

How To Use Machine Storming

Three data galaxies, unlimited fun

Machine Storming is designed to be easy, fun and playful, which is also why have created search functions in three different data galaxies, allowing you variety of results even for the same keyword.

During our testing rounds, we have made the best experiences applying the following:

  1. 1. Quicky jump from cloud to cloud

    Don‘t spend too much time on association cloud analysis, it is in the nature of artificial intelligence that the deep learning neural networks creating the associations you see are still prone to some mismatches. When you jump from cloud to cloud, preferably use single notions.

  2. 2. Try to get specific

    The ability of the machine learning identification of association works much better on specific words than on general notions.

  3. 3. Combine 1 and 2

    For example, even if you start general (‚vitamin‘), check out the richness of output if you go more specific towards the next association cloud (‚beta_carotene‘).

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How To Create Pinboards


Brainstormings usually have 3 parts:

  1. Collection of associations
  2. Priorization of associations
  3. Final selection on a pinboard.

Do all 3 parts digitally on – for FREE
You can download as many pinboard pdfs as you like – for FREE


  • 1. Press button „Pinboard“
  • 2. The system will ask you to register or login
  • 3. After registration, you return automatically to the App, but the Pinboard function is now active
  • 4. You can switch back and forth via the Pinboard button and the App surface


  • Step 1 (in App):
    Collect list items by pressing „+“
  • Step 2 (on Pinboard):
    Prioritize pinboard items by adding stars
  • Step 3 (on Pinboard):
    When ready, go to bottom of list and press „save“ – then press „print/download“. Your work will be exported into a pdf file.
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Leading German Marketing Journal „HORIZONT“ covers Machine Storming in a detailed article

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